Prof Sparrius, A

Prof Ad Sparrius holds a  BSc B Eng (Electronic Engineering), Univ of Stellenbosch. Master of Science in Electronic Engineering (MSEE), University of California, Berkeley. Master of Business Leadership (MBL) (cum laude), University of South Africa. Awarded the Council medal for the best student. Professor Extraordinarius at the Graduate School for Business Leadership, UNISA.

Joined the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. Became Assistant Director responsible for the planning and execution of all electronics activities, including radar, computer systems and electro-optics.

Appointed Associate Professor in Electronic Engineering at the University of Pretoria. Developed and taught post graduate courses in engineering management, logistics management and system engineering. Developed and taught post graduate courses in the theory and practice of search radars and tracking radars.

Became an independent lecturer and consultant in 1986, specializing in engineering management, project management, system engineering and related fields such as integrated logistic support, specification practices, quality assurance, logistic support analysis, software engineering and reliability engineering.

Consultant to numerous individuals, organizations and projects in both the public and private sectors.

Presents a series of regular training courses on engineering manage­ment. More than six thousand persons have completed one of his course modules lasting one week. Regularly lectures at the University of South Africa’s Graduate School for Business Leader­ship in Project Management; and at the University of Pretoria’s Graduate School for Technology Management in Procurement and Contract Management; as well as System Architecture.Performs in-house training, for instance has presented De Beers’ project management courses for ten years, as well as Denel’s system engineering courses for many years. He has offered project management training to thousands of people since 1986.

Almost all South African system engineers have received their foundation training by Ad Sparrius.

Member of the international Project Management Institute, and qualified as a Project Management Professional.

Member of SA Production and Inventory Control Society, and qualified as Certificated in Production and Inventory Management.

Member of the International Council on System Engineering.

Ad Sparrius has published extensively in international as well as local journals. For many years he contributed a monthly article on project management called Tools and Techniques in South Africa’s journal ProjectPro, as well as a monthly article on system engineering to the journal SA Mechanical Engineer.

He has presented training courses in Luxemburg, England, Jordan, Singapore and Malaysia.