Project managers work in a large variety of different industries of which Construction and IT are frequently mentioned, but Facility Management (FM) is an area that also employs many project managers. The FM discipline involves the management of existing buildings and equipment of organizations over the entire economic spectrum and the whole lifecycle of a facility. Facility managers can be seen as operations managers and project managers that specialize in the management of facilities of all organizations that own or use facilities, especially facilities in the built environment. They ensure that the facility contribute optimally to the strategic goals of the organization and ensure the best functionality, safety and comfort of the physical workplace and the end-users. This involves the maintenance and enhancement of buildings and related services.

Managers in the FM environment therefore need education and training in a variety of disciplines and dedicated, accredited facilities management programmes / courses include project management subjects as well as a variety of other subjects such as maintenance management (civil, mechanical and electrical fields) to ensure sustainable facilities; space management; facilities management information systems as well as health and safety.

Facilities management, therefore, is a well-established field that serves every facility and requires many dedicated and trained managers. The Academy for FM is a private higher education institution which is focussed on the specialised education in the field of facility management.