Project management training course popular beyond the borders of South Africa

The University of Pretoria contributes significantly to the development of project management skills in other African countries.

A number of people from other African countries are enrolled on the 4th intake of the 20-day project management training course, the Programme in Project Management (Referred to as PPM 4 of 2015).

Countries represented include:

Zimbabwe (3 people – including one from the World Bank)



Ethiopia (from the African Union Commission)



Some of these people are working temporarily in South Africa while one is a South African working in another African country.


The course leader is of the opinion that one reason for these people choosing this specific project management training course is that the project management training programs offered by the University of Pretoria are more advanced and more comprehensive than those offered by other universities, colleges and other training providers.  The Program in Project Management has been presented 140 times since 1997 (PPM 4 is the 141st time that this training course is presented) and it is estimated that about 7000 people have attended this project management training course over the years.

In the past, people from several other African and even European countries have attended this project management course. Even a national minister from one of South Africa’s neighbouring countries underwent this project management training in the past.   

Amanda Mostert (Open Programmes Manager, CEatUP) in the middle with Lulit Kitaw from Ethiopia (left) and Emily Khamula from Malawi (right).

Emily travels four times from Malawi to attend the four blocks of this project management training course. She also considers enrolling on the more advanced master’s degree course in project management in 2016.