The University of Pretoria, South Africa has been offering education and training in Project Management for more than 30 years and is the undisputed leader in project management education in Africa.

Project Management is a multi-disciplinary field that includes a variety of aspects such as scheduling, people-management, aspects relating to finances and cost, legal aspects, procurement and contracting, risk management, organisation structured, quality management, etc. As one of the largest multi-disciplinary universities in South Africa (with more than 1000 permanent lecturers) we are ideally positioned to address this multi-disciplinary field.

The lecturers who teach the core aspects of project management have decades of practical experience in industry. Some of the lecturers also perform project management consulting work in their private capacity. Hence we are in a position to offer very practical courses.

Our research projects in the field of project management (including research work on our PhD (Project Management) programme bring us into contact with international leaders and ensure that we remain at the forefront.

The Department responsible for project management training (The Graduate School of Technology Management) is a registered education provider of the Project Management Institute in the USA.

We offer a MEng (Project Management) degree for engineers with a 4-year university degree and at least three years post-graduate experience. The PPM benefits from lecturers that also teach on the masters’ programme. The Graduate School of Technology Management is the only GAC member of the Project Management Institute (USA) on the African Continent.

The Programme in Project Management (PPM) is well established and well-known in industry. It has been offered more than 130 times since 1997 and is the best established project management training course in South Africa.

The PPM is the project management training of choice of several large organizations, including companies listed on the JSE and parastatals.