The reward of sound project management is, first of all, a satisfied customer. The customer could be some external organisation or a senior manager within your own organisation who requested the work to be done. You could also be the customer of your own project, for example, when you are renovating your house.

For contractors a successful project is often rewarded by increased future business and an improved market share.

For the project manager, a successful project brings the satisfaction of having led a successful effort, an improved reputation and, possibly, improved career prospects.

Too much specialisation is sometimes risky for one’s career: if the need for a specialised skill decreases, a specialist might have to start a different career from a lower level, or he or she might face unemployment. A project manager, on the other hand, is a generalist and project managers escape the risk of specialisation. Because projects are temporary, project managers are forced to accept changes regularly and thus they do not fall into the trap of stagnation. Project managers also get exposed to a variety of disciplines such as marketing, finances, contracts and other commercial aspects. This facilitates their development as well-rounded individuals. The project manager works with people, and learns how to communicate and how to get things done through people. All of this prepares him or her for a brighter future.

Other members of the project team also gain experience, and, if the project is successful, they also share in the satisfaction and recognition thereof.

When a project is successful, everybody wins!

Excerpt from: Project Management – a multi-disciplinary approach, edited by Herman Steyn.

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