Once I have the PPM, what further qualifications could I obtain?

As the largest provider of project management education and training in South Africa, the University of Pretoria offers a number of products.

The PPM is the most popular course and has been offered 100 times since 1997. It includes.

The Advanced Programme in Project Management (APPM) follows on the PPM; everybody who completed the PPM successfully would be admitted to the APPM. People who have not done the PPM could be considered for enrolment on the APPM if they have an equivalent qualification in project management (typically 120 credits at NQF Level 6).

People with a PPM qualification could apply for credit should they subsequently wish to do a further relevant qualification e.g. a BTech degree. It is the prerogative of the institution where they apply to decide on whether or not they would give any credit.

The PPM is a generic Project Management qualification that is suitable for all sectors of business and government. On the other hand, the Master’s in Project Management (MPM) offered by the University is a specialised programme designed specifically to meet the higher-technology needs of graduate engineers and scientists. While the PPM and APPM focus on practical aspects, the MPM also addresses theoretical aspects in much greater depth and requires that the student does independent, academic research. One of the minimum requirements for admission to the MPM is a relevant 4-year B-degree in engineering or in natural sciences. Another prerequisite is relevant post-graduate work experience. Therefore, the PPM as such does not ensure admission to the MPM.

The PPM obviously benefits from the high-level work that the lecturers do on the MPM.

Both the PPM and the APPM provide excellent background for people who are admitted to the MPM. The work done on the PPM and APPM overlaps to an extent with the work done on the MPM. Therefore, a candidate who completed the PPM has a better chance of success on the MPM. Excellent performance on the PPM might be influential when a candidate applies for admission to the MPM.

Several people also find the PPM of value when they subsequently enrol on other management courses, including MBA.