Authors: R Louw, H Steyn & C van Waveren


Several studies indicate the value of knowledge management in improving organisational performance. While the benefits of effective knowledge management are undeniable, literature suggests that, due to the temporary nature of project teams, knowledge is generally not managed efficiently by project-based organisations.

This article explores the main inhibitors to effective knowledge transfer in a South African construction company. Implementation of knowledge management systems was lacking, but corporate culture and human factors had the greatest effect on knowledge transfer, and hence on project performance. In addition to inhibitors of knowledge transfer mentioned in literature, some additional inhibitors were identified and the effect that lack of knowledge transfer investigated.

Key phrases

Project management, construction projects; corporate culture; inhibitors; knowledge management; project performance.

Reference: Louw, R., Steyn, H. & Van Waveren, C. C. 2017. Inhibitors to the Transfer of Knowledge Generated on Projects: A Case Study within a Construction Company. Journal of Contemporary Management. 14. pp 986-1010.