17 July 2019

On 27 June 2019 Dr Taryn Barnard, the lecturer teaching Project Procurement Management on the PPM, received the prestigious Nedbank 200 Young South African’s Award in the Education category.

We are proud of her, congratulate her with this achievement and wish her luck with the rest of her career.

IN 2018 Taryn Bond-Barnard was awarded the global young researcher of the year award by the International Project Management Association (IPMA). The award recognised the exceptional research she had done in her field and her PhD research into project communication, trust, collaboration and success. She has been subsequently invited to serve on the IPMA Research Group until 2021 with the focus on promoting and providing support for the IPMA Global Research Awards. Bond-Barnard has also been chosen for the Tuks young researcher leader Trogramme (TYRLP) and received the University of Pretoria graduate school of technology management teaching and learning award in 2018.

Taryn - “I moved from industry to academia a few years ago and realised that being a researcher and lecturer was something that fulfilled me,” says Bond-Barnard. “I don’t expect to change the world, I just believe that you should use the talents God has given you.”

Bond-Barnard plans to maintain a high level of academic excellence in South Africa over the next few years and she wants to inspire young South Africans to consider education and research as a career.

“It is only through education that we can uplift our fellow South Africans,” she says. “My journey has been inspired by my family – my two sons – and by my students. They have worked so hard to get where they are and many continue to do so. Many are full time employed and have children and a family and yet they still make the time to further themselves and their families.”

Bond-Barnard believes that young South Africans need to be resilient in order to succeed, and they need to acknowledge how others have helped them achieve their goals.

“Know yourself and remember others, you didn’t achieve it all on your own,” she concludes. “I was most helped by my parents as they taught me to work hard, be resilient and always do my best.” – Tamsin Oxford 

LinkedIn: Taryn Barnard