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Message of gratitude of ‘the PPM Course’

FROM KATHLEEN VAN GRAAN (P000058-001-2016)

From Kathleen van Graan (P000058-001-2016)

Dear Professor Steyn 

I have been pondering on how to articulate this message of gratitude of ‘the PPM Course’ 

Which started of as a thought to enhance my Personal / Executive Assistant career and become the best PA that I could be, developed into a journey which, soon after completing the course, would change my life and career.    The PPM course could mean a stepping stone to a higher degree or higher designation in the organisation for some, for me it meant a whole new destination.


At the age of 53 and as a single breadwinner, I have been without a job for a couple of months when I realized that a new trend in the business environment had developed and that one needed to be more diverse in skill in order to be an effective stakeholder in any organisation’s future growth. I took the first step and registered for the full time (6 months) course in PPM and dedicated all my time and effort into achieving a good end result and ultimately find a good job with a sustainable salary income – which in the interim became a reality!

Was it worth doing?

Even though the PPM certification course is expensive, especially if one funds it personally on a limited budget, it certainly is extremely valuable and I will recommend it to anyone who is serious about staying abreast with knowledge /skills development - and finding a job! My experience was that the course provided a hands-on experience approach and to a certain extend allow for reasoning skills, critical thinking, and knowledge that is developed through the high level of training by highly qualified Lecturers.  

When weighing the costs and benefits of the PPM certification course, I encourage any potential candidate to look not only at the values of career advancement but also at the value of increased knowledge, confidence, and fantastic new opportunities.


In addition to the obvious advantages of education and knowledge, there were benefits I did not expect but realised as the course progressed from start to end:

  • It helped me to re-focus my career interests and become a valuable asset for my future employer.
  • It increased my confidence. Not only was I able to apply for positions within the project environment but I was confident that I could well compete against the younger Project Assistants as I had the added advantage of the PPM course to my existing secretarial skills.
  • It increased new opportunities and also opened doors in the project world which I see as a great source of personal growth for me.

The course landed me a job as Project Coordinator with an EPCM company in Pretoria.  The company is dynamic and continues to grow positively amidst the present difficult economic climate. What a wonderful opportunity and new challenge at this stage of my life!

Lastly, I wish to express a deep sense of gratitude to all the Lecturers for the way in which they facilitated and conducted their respective, specialized subject.  I am privileged to have been a student in your class and what I have learned from you will remain part of my future.

Thankfully yours

Kathleen van Graan (aka Kathy)


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The PPM is recognized by the following:

  1. PMI (Project Management Institute) – USA and Globally
  2. ECSA (Engineering Council of SA)
  3. SACPCMP (South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions)
  4. SACNASP (South African Council for Natural Scientific Professionals)
  5. PMSA (Project Management South Africa)

On successful completion of the PPM, suitable candidates may be eligible to apply for the professional designation of Project Manager (PM) conferred by Project Management South Africa (PMSA). PMSA is the SAQA recognized professional body representing the interests of project managers across sectors.

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