The Programme in Project Management is a short learning program. Unlike many project management courses that only emphasise knowledge, this well-established programme has been designed to develop your project management skills and insight as well, and equips you with the tools and techniques necessary to succeed in project management.

The University of Pretoria boasts with a number of lecturers who previously held senior project management positions in industry and are actively involved in industry.  Normally eight different lecturers with extensive practical experience and suitable academic qualifications teach on the Programme in Project Management.  These lecturers also perform leading research in their respective areas of project management expertise and regularly contribute on international project management forums.

Assessment includes several practical assignments that are performed in the workplace (to the benefit of the employer).

Class attendance

In order to develop skills, candidates attend 20 days (full-day) on campus (4 blocks of 5 days each).

People with a bachelor degree may attend the full 20 days but they also have to option to attend the “Weekender” that is presented on 8 Fridays and 8 Saturdays.

Course content

    1. Project Management Principles, Practices & Scheduling
    2. Project Risk Management
    3. Project Procurement and Contract Management
    4. Project Quality Management
    5. The People-Side of Project Management
    6. Legal Aspects for Project Managers
    7. Financial Principles and Project Cost Management
    8. Project Management in the Business Context.

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in projects – whether as project manager, project team member, planner or senior manager – will benefit from this program. The skills and techniques taught on this program are relevant to all sectors of business and government including services, engineering, social development and information management. In our experience, candidates with tertiary education have a higher chance of completing the program successfully. For people without tertiary qualifications, the minimum entry requirement is Grade 12 with a pass mark in either Mathematics (not Mathematical Literacy) or Accounting.

The entry requirement for being admitted to the “Weekender” alternative is a bachelor’s degree.  In some exceptional cases we have admitted people without degrees, based on other qualifications and work experience.