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This prescribed book is written by some of the lecturers presenting the Programme In Project Management (PPM).

Used extensively by several universities since 2003

Information Regarding Fourth Edition Book On Project Management.

Book on Project Management

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As pressure on project managers increases, online project management courses are increasingly becoming popular. During the Covid pandemic some institutions that traditionally taught primarily in-class project management courses were forced to present their courses online. This enabled them to continue online after the pandemic.

Should you study project management online or rather attend classes? How can I succeed when I study an online project management course? What is a blended project management course and what is a hybrid project management course? What is a synchronous online project management course and how does it differ from an asynchronous project management course? These are some of the questions this article sheds light on.
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If you're looking to start or advance your career in project management in South Africa, our courses is an excellent place to start. You'll learn essential skills from industry experts, gain valuable experience, and be prepared for a range of career opportunities. At the University of Pretoria, the courses in project management are offered by the Graduate School of Technology Management (GSTM) in collaboration with Enterprises University of Pretoria (EUP). There are 4 alternative ways of doing the PPM (Programme in Project Management).
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The Programme in Project Management (PPM) is the preferred project management course of several large organizations, including companies listed on the JSE and governmental organizations. The PPM is a generic project management course – skills are applicable to all types of projects. A certificate from the University of Pretoria, the leading university in Project Management in SA, is awarded upon successful completion. As project management is a multi-disciplinary field, nobody can be an expert in all facets of project management. The PPM is therefore normally taught by 8 or more lecturers, each an industry expert specialising in a specific aspect of project management. There are 4 alternative ways of doing the PPM.
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Because it is not always possible to commit to a full-time course, our project management courses is tailored to accommodate your professional and personal commitments. The Programme in Project Management (PPM) is presented in 4 alternative ways. Choose a course that best suit your needs and that helps you to strike a balance between pursuing your education and managing your other responsibilities.
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The demand for project managers over the next 10 years is growing faster than the demand for workers in other occupations. By 2027, the project management-oriented labour force is expected to grow by 33% or nearly 22 million new jobs (PMI, 2017).

This demand across the globe is driven by employers’ need for skilled project management workers and the availability of professionals to fill those roles. According to the PMI (2017), the need for project management expertise is due to:

  • A dramatic increase in the number of jobs requiring project-oriented skills.
  • Attrition rates, including professionals retiring from the workforce.
  • A significant uptick in demand for project talent, especially in rapidly developing economies such as China and India.

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Watch these insightful videos if you are busy with Module 1 of the Programme in Project Management (for all courses, but especially if you are busy with the Programme in Project Management (PPM) Weekender and Programme in Project Management (PPM) Midweek. The online courses already have access to these videos) OR if you are interested in enrolling in our courses and would like to get a glance into Module 1.
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Suzaan Pretorius

My path in project management started one morning in an office, doing the same admin work I’ve been doing for years, which felt like an eternity. I was tired, bored and depressed and needed a change, a challenge, something to stimulate me intellectually. I worked at the University of Pretoria and I knew about the Programme in Project Management (PPM). I had a four-year degree which qualified me for the PPM, but I kept pushing the idea of registering for the course to the back of my mind. I was in a comfort zone. Scared to try something new. I’ve heard that the course entails a lot of work and I had a fulltime job, was married and had two small boys. Did I really want to put more pressure on myself? However, I couldn’t continue with my mundane life, so I decided to bite the bullet and register for the course.
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Because we present the best known Project Management training courses available in South Africa, we are well known in the industry. We get contacted with positions in the Project Management field. To give you access to these job opportunities, we created this page. If you would like get more information about these positions, click on the "read more".
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In choosing the project management course that is best for you, the first consideration is the selection of a reputable institution. It is also important to note the difference between degree courses in project management and project management training courses. The training courses (which include both short courses and more comprehensive certificate courses) are normally of shorter duration than degree courses and focus more on practical skills development and on the application of practical methods in the workplace. Training courses generally do not have an extensive final examination. Some universities teach both formal degree programmes in project management and project management training courses. At these universities, training courses benefit much from the degree courses. Research done by the lecturers at these universities also drastically improve the quality of their training courses.
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What is project management training?

Before we can explain what project-management training is, we first need to explain what project management is and what a project manager is. The PMI (Project Management Institute) defines project management as the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements, and they define a project manager as the person assigned by the performing organization to lead the team that is responsible for achieving the project objectives. The International Project Management Association emphasises the development of competence and they define project management competence as the relevant knowledge, skills and abilities to manage a project.
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The PPM is recognized by the following:

  1. PMI (Project Management Institute) – USA and Globally
  2. ECSA (Engineering Council of SA)
  3. SACPCMP (South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions)
  4. SACNASP (South African Council for Natural Scientific Professionals)
  5. PMSA (Project Management South Africa)

On successful completion of the PPM, suitable candidates may be eligible to apply for the professional designation of Project Manager (PM) conferred by Project Management South Africa (PMSA). PMSA is the SAQA recognized professional body representing the interests of project managers across sectors.

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